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Mirjam Gollmitzer


Professeure adjointe

Faculté des arts et des sciences - Département de communication

Marie-Victorin office B414

514 343-6111 #49480

Areas of Expertise

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Pandemic precarity or resilience in atypical journalistic work? A comparative pilot study of crisis experiences among lone freelancers and members of journalism collectives or cooperatives Projet de recherche au Canada / 2020 - 2022

Lead researcher : Mirjam Gollmitzer
Funding sources: CRSH/Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada
Grant programs: PVX20020-Subvention institutionnelle du CRSH - Subventions d'exploration

Publications Expand all Collapse all

Gollmitzer, M. (2022). Alleviating or exacerbating precarity? How freelancers in Germany and Canada experience policies regulating insecure journalistic labour. In K. Chadha & L. Steiner (Eds.), Newswork and Precarity (pp. 170-185). New York, NY: Routledge.

Gollmitzer, M. (2021). Laboring in journalism’s crowded, precarious entryway: Perceptions of journalism interns. Journalism Studies. Online first (19 pages).

Gollmitzer M. (2021). Journalism ethics with Foucault: Casually employed journalists’ constructions of professional integrity. Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism. Online first (19 pages). 

Gollmitzer, M (2020). Employment Conditions in Journalism. In H. Örnebring (Ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies, Vol I. (pp. 441-462). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Gollmitzer, M. (2015).  Theorizing adversarial guests: The resistance against (and restoration of) media routines. Communications: European Journal of Communication Research, 40 (1), 21-41.             

Gollmitzer, M. (2014). Precariously employed watchdogs? Perceptions of working conditions among freelance journalists and interns. Journalism Practice, 8 (6), 826-841.

Murray, C. & Gollmitzer, M. (2012). Escaping the precarity trap: A call for creative labour policy. International Journal of Cultural Policy, 18 (4), 419-438.

Gollmitzer, M. (2008). Industry versus democracy: The new ‘Audiovisual Media Services Directive’ and the future of European media policy. International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, 4 (3), 331-348.

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