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Experts in: Written communication and technology

Doonan, Natalie

DOONAN, Natalie

Professeure adjointe

My interdisciplinary research-creation lies at the intersection of (new) media and participatory performance. For more than a decade, my work has focused on developing a sensory methodology to foster dialogue about issues of biodiversity in so-called public spaces. I am concerned with site-specificity and the live events I create often extend place-based encounters through mobile media, online interactive maps and other digital media. I am particularly interested in hybrid perceptions of embodiment resulting from sensing across physical and virtual registers. In recent publications, I have investigated immersive and participatory art forms in combination with sensory methods such as eating and walking as modes of public engagement. In my current research, I examine the notions of "embodied illusions" and "sensations of presence" that are often invoked in relation to virtual reality experiences.


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