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Experts in: Written communication and technology

Lafrance, André A.


Professeur honoraire

My interests are all based on power games among players in communication exchanges within organizations. Starting from a model of interactions developed during my thirty years of teaching and research, and drawing inspiration from the general approaches of decision-makers who have marked the history of humanity, I study not only the practices but also the instruments that modulate or extend these practices. My particular research fields are multinational organizations that have to consider the diversity of their employees and their clienteles in developing the architecture of their internal communication systems.

I am especially interested in the linkage between the discourse resulting from negotiation between the components of these systems and the expectations of the beneficiaries of goods or services provided by production systems that often consider themselves the masters or financial supporters of communication systems. This brings me, more specifically, to deal with the role of executives and their communication techniques, from written communication to telematics, in the workings of organizations, firms or administrations.


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