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Experts in: Semiotics

Cooren, François

COOREN, François

Professeur titulaire

My research interests fall into three subfields of communication, i.e.:

  • organizational communication,
  • analysis of social interactions
  • and, more generally, communication theories.

My main interest concerns “organizing” phenomena and organizations’ ways of being and acting. I take a “constitutive” view aimed at showing that it is in and through communication that organization is created, in entrepreneurial, associative or humanitarian contexts. This view leads me to analyze social interactions. I explore, in particular, the way in which values, principles, norms and ideologies are expressed, applied and developed in our texts and conversations. In the end, all these interests lead me to revisit different traditions in communication research and to show how each one contributes, in its way, to developing a truly communication-based view of the world around us.


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Robichaud, Daniel


Professeur agrégé, Resp. gestion stages, Responsable de programme

The general theme of my research is organizational communication, considered as an organizer and component of groups. Since this way of looking at communication itself calls for more detailed explanation, a first part of my research is theoretical in nature. I attempt to clarify the premises and concepts essential for an understanding of the constitutive dimensions of communication that in turn can explain the evolving, plural and hybrid realities that increasingly go into shaping contemporary organizations.

To complement this approach, I am also pursuing a program of empirical research that over the years has led me to many organizational and institutional fields. This second aspect of my research is driven by a growing interest in the communication issues and challenges raised by collaboration between various stakeholders, be it in “pluralist” organizations or in groups attempting to formulate or inform public policy. I am especially interested in the strategies by which the players and the groups, as part of such collaboration, describe and integrate their personal experiences and their frequently implicit local logic and knowledge, in their attempts to give a voice and legitimacy to their always specific relations with reality and their environment.


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