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Expert in: Media and popular music

Grenier, Line


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My research interests are fueled by questions concerning the ways in which practices, discourses and cultural dispositifs (apparatuses), in their articulations to the different forms in which power is exercised, contribute to produce what prevails as if it could be taken for granted. Popular music is a fertile field for exploring these questions, given its strategic role in the shaping of identities and belongings, and the mediation of public culture, particularly in Québec. This has led me to study the valorization of top-selling products, music-related industries and policies, and the effectivity of fame/celebrity.

I am currently working on two main projects. The first one concerns small venues in Montréal. I study regimes of circulation, mainly those that orient and reconfigure "live music."   The second project deals with a music contest for people aged 65 and over. I analyze the relationships between media, memory and mobility, focusing particularly on various forms of "successful ageing" and "ageing well."


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