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Expert in: Human–computer interaction

Dufresne, Aude


Professeure associée, Professeure honoraire

My field of research is analyzing and designing human-computer interaction systems. Computerized systems and their uses are expanding in many fields, and it is important that such systems be designed to effectively support human activities. They must be symbiotic and truly adapt to individuals’ and groups’ activities, preferences and uses. My research focuses on the detailed analysis of these uses and the development of adapted representations and adaptive or support mechanisms in environments.

In particular, we are interested in the development of personalized interaction systems for learning, and in the analysis of e-commerce interactions and games with gesture-based interfaces (Kinect). We have developed various projects on the use of ontologies to organize information exchanges and adapt interfaces to the cultural context. Lastly, we are working on the development of audio-tactile interfaces for improved access to the Web and images for visually impaired users.


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