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Thibault, Ghislain

Professeur adjoint

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  • Téléphone 514-343-6111 #5419 Pav. PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN \ bur. B-402
Thibault, Ghislain

Champs d'expertise

Publications principales

Theophanidis, Philippe, et Ghislain Thibault. (2016) Media Hysteresis: Persistence through Change" Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media, no. 12 (2016): 8-23.

Thibault, Ghislain. (2016) Needles and Bullets: Media Theory, Medicine, and Propaganda, 1910-1940; in Endemic: Essays in Contagion Theory, edited by Kari Nixon and Lorenzo Servitje, 67-91. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Thibault, G. et Dominique Trudel. (2015) Excaver, Tracer, Réécrire : Sur les renouveaux historiques en communication. Communiquer (15), 5-23.

Thibault, G. (2015) Streaming: A Media Hydrography of Televisual Flows. VIEW: The Journal of European Television History and Culture, 110-119.

Thibault, G. (2015) The Amoderns: What We Used to Call Media History. A Feature Interview with Wolfgang Ernst, Amodern, URL: amodern.net/article/ernst-media-history

Thibault, G. (2015). Ce que nous appelions l’histoire des dias: l’exercise de l’archéologie médiatique. Entretien avec Wolfgang Ernst. Communiquer (15), pp. 91-106. [interview]

Thibault, G., Hayward, M. (2014). Jean Le Moyne’s Itinéraire mécanologique: Machine Poetics, Reverie, and Technological Humanism. Canadian Literature

Thibault, G. (2014). Wireless Pasts and Wired Futures. In J. Hadlaw, A. Herman & T. Swiss (Eds.), Theories of the Mobile Internet. Materialities and Imaginaries. (pp. 126-154). London: Routledge.

Thibault, G. (2013) The Automatization of Nikola Tesla: Thinking Invention in the Late Nineteenth Century, Configurations21:1, pp. 27-52.

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